No Joke – Universal is working on an ANIMORPHS movie!

Holy shit, you guys!

I’m so glad that my first post in months can be to share with you that apparently, Universal is working on a feature film adaptation of ANIMORPHS.

animorphmovieTo quote the article:

Fresh off our report that Sony is developing a Goosebumps sequel, it’s now been confirmed to us here at The Tracking Board that Universal is intending to reboot another beloved ’90s book series. That’s right, is currently in development, with producing via her shingle. is overseeing the project for the studio.

Our sources confirm that the studio is now looking for a writer to script their take on the film, which is said to put a heavy focus on the sci-fi nature of the story. We’re also told that the studio is also interested in finding a capable writer/director with a knack for sci-fi, with Attack The Block scribe/director Joe Cornish and Ender’s Game writer/director Gavin Hood described as a template.

What a world we’re living in, guys.

So, I guess this blog is relevant again? I’ll try to post updates as this project goes forward. And you can be SURE that if this movie happens, I will be seeing it ASAP, and we’ll all gather around the campfire so I can point out its problems and write funny picture captions.

Hey–after the show, things can only get better.


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