Google Hates the Blog, Loves the Dog

Today I decided to check the stats for this blog to see if my recent reviews actually got any traffic. They did! My Animorphs review got over 150 hits in the first 24 hours it was posted–more than double any daily hits the blog has ever seen–and traffic has been unusually steady ever since. Thanks, Reddit! Then I realized that WordPress allows me to view the Google search terms which led readers to this blog. The following terms were searched by Google users who then clicked upon my site. Let’s see what you guys like.

why is stan on dog with a blog so depressed

I hope I answered this question.

dog with a blog porn


avery fucked by stan dog
porno girls from dog with a blog getting fucked
porno de dog with a blog

This can’t be happening

avery from dog when a blog is boring


a dog with a blog porn

I hate all of this, but I like that one and how they were only looking for one singular Dog with a Blog porn. They aren’t greedy, at least.

naughty dog with a blog avery fanfiction

It’s really, really not okay that so many people are searching for the show’s preteen protagonist committing beastiality.

dog with a blog tyler fucked by stan

Fuck this

vhs dog porn

That guy must have been pissed to end up here.

dog with a blog clarissa explains it all bedroom the same

Holy shit, is it?

doggy blog stan

Haha. There you go. That’s why I am no longer reviewing Dog with a Blog. See you Friday for the next ANIMORPHS review.


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